Our Philosophy

Dash Coin Bit Coin, Pura Vida Coin.


Crypto currencies are digital units of value that are used by people in exchange for goods and services.

Since the beginning of time society has been successfully creating abstract notion of value, currency backed by nothing.

Remove a Dollar or an Euro form your wallet and ask yourself what’s it’s worth?  It’s a piece of paper, it isn’t a car, a table, or a piece of real estate, it is nothing more than a contract between two parties.  The value of the dollar is not on the bank accepting it, it’s on the society willingness to accept it to settle a debt.  It has no intrinsic value.

Since 1971, contrary to what the majority of people think, money is not backed by gold, because it limits the power of banks.  Banks and financial institutions make trillions of dollars a year on money they lend and transaction fees with money they don’t actually have.

Since the invention of crypto currencies in the late 2000’s, and specially the appearance of Bitcoins, things have changed dramatically.

The world is understanding the reality about currency and is adopting new ways of payment that are more secure, more inexpensive, more easy to use and more trendy.

With the help of entrepreneurs, disrupters, white hackers, libertarians, free spirits, businessmen, geeks, developers and cryptoneurs, crypto currencies have become viral and the highest growing method of payment to date.

Bitcoins, Ethereum, Pura Vida Coins, Dash, are just a few examples of digital currencies being used today that are changing the financial sector.

The trend has already started, the world economy is changing and nothing is going to stop it.

Now is the time to join cryptoneurs and companies like Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, Peter Thiel, Roger Ver, Sean Parker and others.

Dash Coin Bit Coin, Pura Vida Coin.


We have reviewed hundreds of documents, blogs, articles, news, interviews, and lectures. Read books, attended conferences, talked to cryptoneurs, and coin developers, and after all of that we have come up with and amazing combination. The perfect product with the perfect marketing strategy, a revolutionary place that will disrupt the market…

We analized the good and the bad of coins like Bitcoin, Circule, Ripple, Etherum, Caribcoin, Next Coin, Mastercoin, XRP, Dash and others.  We have reached Block Chain 2.0 incubators, platforms, exchange services, mining companies, VC, hedge funds and accelerators, and we understand better than anybody the benefits and limitations of every coin available and in the development process. Based on that and combining an amazing product with an amazing marketing strategy we are developing AVALON NATION.